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Tunic Sweater Dress for Warmer Fall Fashion Style

Tunic is generally known as a loose type of clothing which is commonly pulled over your head to cover the top part of your body. This kind of clothing is actually equal as sweater. Commonly, most people will wear another piece of clothing under this tunic such as tank top, T-shirt or just a simple corset made of linen. Tunic sweater dress is recently outstanding among fall seasonal fashion style. Many women love to wear it as the evidence. Well, if you are a fashionable woman, we suggest you to wear tunic sweater to complete your autumn fashion style. However, multifarious tunic models are found lately including some models displayed in the pictures below.

Tunic Sweater Dress 2013

As like sweater, the tunic sweater dress comes in longer cut to cover the upper part of your calf. Therefore, we can call it as a dress since it looks similar with tight mini dress. During autumn season, most women usually wear legging or skinny jeans or pants under this loose tunic. This bottom outfit is essential to keep them warm while dressing during this semi cold season. Generally, the tunic sweater is made of wool. It is knitted well to finally cover your upper body occasionally with some textured details at the front. To give warmer atmosphere in this fall fashion style, you may choose dark colored tunic sweater. Yet, the tunic must not have to too dark. It is better to combine the dark and light colors at once. Thus, your loose sweater looks cheerful and warm at the same time.

Tunic Sweater Dress Designs

Tunic Sweater Dress Ideas

Nowadays, the tunic sweater dress appears in patterned concept. If you see some Korean fashionable dress ideas, those outfits involve a gorgeous tunic with heart patterns spread on the tunic. Another stylish tunic even appears in colorful concept with more than two colors composition. The model of the tunic sweater sleeves cut is also different from one to another. Let’s see one of the pictures. There is a Korean tunic which is designed with wrinkle sleeve style. This plain tunic sweater is made simply with V-neckline cut. To make it beautiful a piece of strap with button is attached inside the sleeve. When you want to wear shorter sleeved tunic, you can fasten the button on outside the sleeves as the sleeves are wrinkled up.

Tunic Sweater Dress with Leggings

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