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Pink Punk Pixie for Trendy Young Women

Many young women love to appear with their long haircut no matter what the style and color. Nowadays, numerous medium and short even very short haircuts become more attractive than the longer haircut. Lately, many young women proof that shorter haircut offers trendier look for them. No wonder that those young women currently prefer to appear as stylish as possible in this very short haircut style. Pink punk pixie haircut is one of those famous very short haircuts in trendy style.

Pink Punk Pixie 2013

Basically, the pink punk pixie haircut is just like usual pixie hairstyle. It is a very short haircut which typically doesn’t involve long or heavy bang to cover a small part of your face. This pixie haircut is usually popular among tomboy girls. Yet, lately, this very short haircut is also suitable for those who want to be fashionable yet practical without too much attention on their hair. Since the pixie punk haircut is in pink, we can see that this very short haircut will attract more attention from people who saw it. Therefore, this colored short haircut is recommended for trendy young women. The application of vibrant pink tone on the pixie short haircut is definitely adorable. We can see several models of this haircut in some pictures uploaded here. Every young woman who is wearing this haircut style always looks amazing. Although at the first, they look like a man with pink hair, finally we will realize that the pixie pink punk haircut actually doesn’t decrease the feminine atmosphere from the woman.

Pink Punk Pixie Hairstyle

Pink Punk Pixie Ideas

According to the pictures, the pink punk pixie haircut appears in different model. The pixie haircut may be very eye catching without bang. There will be only the combination of pink and purple hair dye on the whole parts of hair. Another picture even displays a manly woman in her pixie pink short haircut with heavy bang. The most unique part is shown in the next picture. There is a skinny woman with smooth straight violet pink haircut. Yeah, unlike the other pixie pink haircuts, this unique short haircut offers extremely adorable concept of hairstyle to try.

Pink Punk Pixie Images

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