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Long Hair Japanese Women Samples in Cute Styles

Have you every watched several Japanese movies or dramas on TV or player? Well, Japanese women are popular with their short shape with cute hairstyle a la anime or manga. Due to this fact, most Japanese women have long hair to support any hairstyle concept. On the other side, the long hair Japanese women are usually in straight hair type. There are only few Japanese women who have curly or wavy hair type. If you accidentally find a woman with thick curly or wavy hair type in Japan, those pretty women usually apply special hair treatment on their hair.

Long Hair Japanese Women 2013

Now, we are here to show you several models of long hair Japanese women in this today’s post. You can see those inspirational images of the Japanese women long hair in this post. The first picture, there is a cute woman with her long wavy hairstyle. This long hair is set in stylish ponytail concept. The ponytail concept is quite different from usual ponytail. This time, this woman brings the wavy ponytail up on her head. Once the hair has been set in high ponytail concept, the rest of hair is set to side. At the end, this ponytail is decorated by a big white bow pin as well as a tiny hat on this Japanese woman head. The second and third images show us the general Japanese women long hair type. Three pretty Japanese women shown in both images come with their smooth straight long hair. Unlike the first image, this time, the second and third images show us the most natural hairstyle for Asian women in smooth straight hair type. There is no specific hairstyle arrangement applied to beautify this natural straight hair. However, those pretty girls look even sexier than women with hairdo.

Long Hair Japanese Women Ideas

Long Hair Japanese Women Images

The last picture shows us an adult woman with stylish wavy blonde caramel long hair. This long hair Japanese women style looks extraordinary with that vibrant streak application. It seems this elegant woman set her hair in shaggy long haircut. Tapered side fringe is intentionally applied around the face of woman to give such a cute frame on her round face.

Long Hair Japanese Women Styles

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