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Long Dresses with Leggings Concepts

Legging is a kind of tight pant which is usually worn as undergarment. Yet, recently, this long tight pant becomes more universal regarding to the function on fashion. In the other words, the legging lately is worn as well as usual pants, jeans and trousers as a bottom outfit. However, the main purpose of legging as an undergarment still exists. Now, we can see the application of this tight long pant in this article topic. We are certainly going to discuss about the combination of long dresses with leggings. In this case, the legging has a role to replace stockings. Let’s see how the legging works on the long dress then.

Long Dresses with Leggings 2013

Sometimes, legging is functional as a warmer during fall and winter. Thus, when you have to go out warmly, you must wear the legging before your main outfits such as dress. This legging also works effectively to cover your unfair legs. It means some people truly have such a weakness with their leg skin or something. Perhaps, everybody has a small wound that should be covered by legging. Combining the long dresses with leggings should be done carefully. We have to pay attention on the design and model of the dress before matching it with the legging. Ensure to matching the dress and legging color to create balancing appearance. Here they are the samples of the legging and dress composition. Fall season may be quite cold in certain time especially morning and evening. In this period of time, appearing fashionably though you are just a common wife is not a big problem. Some outfits like a green flowing dress, black long sleeved crochet sweater and a black legging are nice to mix and match. To complete your fashion style, black knee-length boots may be nice footwear.

Long Dresses with Leggings Ideas

Long Dresses with Leggings Images

For formal fashion style, the combination of long dresses with leggings will be so pretty to try. For example, if you want to wear patterned long dress, we can match it by wearing black plain legging as a neutral outfit. Or you are allowed to wear legging with pattern. In case, you should choose a patterned legging which has similar tone and scheme like the patterned dress.

Long Dresses with Leggings Samples

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