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Light Brown Hair with Highlights in Dark Tone

Once we have discussed more about light highlights in brown hair, let’s talk about light brown hair with highlights in dark tone. Both highlight concepts contrast to each other. The first highlight is lighter than the brown hair, while the second highlight is darker than the brown hair. Nevertheless, the function of the highlight in the brown hair is similar. Both highlights are functional to emphasize the texture of the brown hair type. For instance, you have wavy or curly brown hair. Thus, in this case, the highlight will emphasize the curly or wavy texture in the brown hair. Thus, people can see that your hair is curly or wavy by looking at the highlight only.

Light Brown Hair with Highlights 2013

So, how do if you have straight hair type? The light brown hair with highlights in dark tone is also suitable with the straight hair type. Your darker highlight in bright straight brown hair will still emphasize the texture or the straight hair but in quite different way. At this rate, your highlight will show how thick your hair is. On the other hands, the darker highlight also gives such shading effect in the brown hair effectively. So, for the result, your light brown hair will have more volume and look smoother than usual. Don’t be afraid to apply the darker highlight onto your light brown hair. The highlight seems a good solution to make your brown hair not monotone. Thus, it is always attractive to stare no matter what.

Light Brown Hair with Highlights Images

Light Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

In some pictures uploaded in this post, we can see some beautiful celebrities with light brown hair applying darker highlight into their hair. One of those celebrities is Kim Kardashian. She looks very gorgeous with her long straight caramel hair. According to the picture, we can see that Kim Kardashian’s brown hair consists if darker highlights located on the root of the hair. Some darker highlight is applied between the caramel brown hairs stylishly. No wonder that she finally looks very fresh and cool in her adult age. The light brown hair with highlights in dark tone even comes in other darker color tones such as black, dark grey or ash and many more.

 Light Brown Hair with Highlights Pictures

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