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Cargo Pants for Women with Active Soul

Cargo pant is not for men only. Today, there are so many women with active soul who want to appear masculine and strong as well as men. Due to this condition, cargo pants for women must be a good choice to consider. Well, women who wear the cargo pant are not always tomboy. They usually only follow the latest fashion trend which offers army fashion look to try. And in this case, some innovations are usually done to complete their trendy appearance. Well, let’s see the basic design and model of the cargo pant firstly before discussing more about attire combination with the cargo pant itself.

Cargo Pants for Women Gap

The cargo pant is typically identical with army look. This kind of pant is available in different length and motif depending on your desire. Basically, every cargo pant has some pockets which are attached on the back, front and side. Overall, the cargo pants whether it is for men or women are very funky and masculine. No wonder that it is typically worn for hard trip, long vacation, hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities to ease your movement. Mostly, the cargo pants appear in mossy green or brown tone. Currently, following the latest trend of fashion, the cargo pants are available in bright color such as orange, pink, white, blue and even with patterns like camouflage and floral. The cargo pants for women lately become more attractive to match casual and even formal attire. No wonder that this combination usually creates some new fashion styles that should be tried.

Cargo Pants for Women Outfits

Cargo Pants for Women UK

A nice cargo pants for women combination is displayed in this post. The long cargo pants come in creamy tone with little ruffle accent on the end near the black leather boots. At the same time, this cute girl wears a white blouse with long sleeves with dark blue blazer to cover it. This dark blue blazer is decorated with big golden buttons. And finally, this girl also wears a black hat to complete her cool army fashion style. If you prefer to appear casually, there are camouflage cargo short for women that can be combined with tank top and boots.

Cargo Pants for Women Old Navy

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