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Beach Themed Wedding Hairstyles in Hawaiian Style

Summer and beach is inseparable. Therefore, throwing a summer wedding at the beach is a wonderful idea to have. In this case, Hawaiian may be the best theme option to complete this beach wedding moment. Hawaii is popular as Exotic Island in America. As like Bali, this tropical island is very famous with its exotic atmosphere, hospitable local society, culture and tradition. No wonder that many couple want their wedding moment special and unforgettable by applying the Hawaiian themed bridal. Although it is only held at the beach near their houses, the Hawaiian themed wedding may be still attractive to memorize. Well, dress and beach themed wedding hairstyles should be selected for this memorable moment.

Beach Themed Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Halo concept is a great beach themed wedding hairstyles idea to try. Do you know Halo? Well, Halo is a crown or headpiece which is purposely made of flowers arrangement. The Halo is available in two types according to the material. The first Halo type is commonly made of fresh or real flowers. The second type of Halo is typically made of fake flowers. Both flowers types are arranged to form a crown by using thin round wire. This band is usually put on bride’s head as hair accessory. As like tiara, this Halo crown looks very adorable and elegant to reflect your simple beach wedding hairstyle. Once Halo crown has been made, it is time to arrange your hair before the Halo is put on it. Natural hair is the simplest hairstyle to apply. We only have to let our hair free without any pins or rubber band. Simple brushing the hair is enough to keep your long, midi and short hair neat. If you want to apply hairdo bun or ponytail, you can do it in stylish way. Unfortunately, Hawaiian Halo is not too suitable for hairdo hairstyle.

Beach Themed Wedding Hairstyles Pictures

Beach Themed Wedding Hairstyles Images

A high bun with flowers veil is another stunning hairstyle alternative for your beach themed wedding hairstyles idea. It only involves a simple bun which is locked by some pins. The flowers veil is able to be made of some fresh flowers or even fake corsages. Those flowers should be arranged until it covers the whole part of the bun. Thus, the beach themed wedding hairstyles with flowers veil can attract much attention from your guests and family.

Beach Themed Wedding Hairstyles Styles

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