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Natural Prom Hairstyles for African American Ladies

Born in a special family with American dad and African mom may be a unique fact for other people. Unfortunately, you perhaps consider it as a lovely accident which makes you having your mom’s black natural curly hair. And all of your siblings have your dad’s gorgeous caramel straight hair. Well, we know that it may be so annoyed for you. But try to not think about the weakness only. However, you have your mom’s unique curly hair which can beautify your character as an exotic woman. Natural prom hairstyles for African American ladies can help you get that adorable appearance.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for Black Women

Generally, African natural curly hair is unique with very tight curly hair texture. This hair extremely always looks tight and heavy for your small face. Yet, in fact, this natural African hair is very light in weight and smooth when you touch it. No wonder that unexpectedly it is easy to arrange in various updo model. Look at some photos uploaded with this article. There, we can see some samples of natural prom hairstyles updo for people like you with an adorable African hair. Elvis Presley hairstyle updo is the first natural hairstyle for your prom night. As like Elvis Presley’s hairstyle look, the long natural curly hair will be arranged in a unique bun. Basically, your natural long hair will be gathered as a tight ponytail style on the back. And then it will be laid up with expanded hair flared on your top head. This flared or expanded hair on the top of your hair is functional as a tuft. Well, it looks like Elvis Presley’s hairstyle, doesn’t it?

Natural Prom Hairstyles Photos

Natural Prom Hairstyles Images

Another simple natural prom hairstyles model is also easy to create by your own. Ensure your hair is clean from oil by washing it with shampoo. This first method is useful to let your hair smooth and easy to arrange. Once this first method has done, tie your hair to the back as a simple ponytail. And ensure it is arranged tidily. If your hair is in medium length, it will not require anything more to beautify it. It is because your natural ponytail bun hairstyle has done.

Natural Prom Hairstyles Styles

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