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Baby Boys Hairstyles in Very Cute Models

Having a baby is kind of pleasant moment in everybody’s life especially mother. Well, she is the one who gave birth after nine months and ten days in maternity period. Once the baby was born, both of you may be happier knowing that it is a boy. A cute baby boy must fill your life with a lot of joy. Talking about baby boy, baby boys hairstyles in very cute model must be too attractive to leave. No matter what, we will need it someday when the boy’s hair has grown longer. Cutting your baby boy hair is not a simple thing to do since most babies are still very active anytime. In this case, we should visit a trusted baby barber to get the baby’s hair cut properly.

Baby Boys Hairstyles Ideas

Since you have a baby boy, choosing the baby boys hairstyles should be the best option to keep them cute and clean. Of course, the baby’s hair will be extremely thinner and smoother than your hair. It is because they are too young to have the thicker hair. According to some pictures attached in this article, we can see several samples of hairstyle for baby boy to pick. Every hairstyle is very cute with simple hairstyle arrangement to imitate. For younger baby, we don’t need to cut the hair shorter because it looks too dangerous to put a scissor near their fragile head. Why don’t you apply baby hair gel on his smooth hair? This baby product is available at supermarket near your house. And it is purposely made for baby only so that it is safety for their skin and hair. Put the gel on your hand and apply it on little parts of baby’s hair. We can make a Mohawk hairstyle with this baby’s hair gel. Just sweep the middle hair of your baby onto the back. And let the swept hair standing in spiky hairstyle.

Baby Boys Hairstyles Designs

Baby Boys Hairstyles Photos

For older baby boys’ hairstyles, we can do the same method above to create the Mohawk hairstyle. We can cut the hair first or not. Other simpler baby boys’ haircut is showed in the picture. The short haircut is tidily applied on his thin hair. To keep it tidy, we can brush it gently using a small tight comb. Brush the baby boy’s hair aside or back to emphasize the hair texture.

Baby Boys Hairstyles 2013

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