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Zebra Prom Dress with Print and Color Combination

Who doesn’t know animal print trend in fashion? Every fashionable person must know that fashion also involves this exotic pattern style. Some popular animal print styles include leopard, tiger, jaguar, zebra, peacock, snake, Dalmatian and more exotic prints from animal. Of course lately we should obey the policy about killing extinct animal for fashion and others. No wonder that modern technology develops new idea in benefiting some faux material to make synthetic animal print fabric including in cotton, satin, silk, taffeta, chiffon and many more. Now, those faux animal leather and fur transform dramatically into various outfits and accessory. In this case, we have zebra prom dress collection to impress you.

Zebra Prom Dress Designs

In fact, some models of zebra prom gown have been discussed in several articles in this post. Once you have read some of them, you will discover the characteristic of the zebra prom dress. Well, with basic zebra print concept, this animal printed prom dress looks different from leopard and jaguar printed dresses. The black and white zebra line pattern is definitely simpler than the others. Yet, with smart modification, we can see the dramatic difference between the old and ordinary zebra dress and its newer transformation. The modification concept of zebra print dress incorporates two contrast complements such as zebra print and plain colored matter. As the result, some gorgeous zebra printed dresses in colorful accent appear to hit a fashion world. If you are so curious about it, let’s check some zebra printed prom dresses with vibrant color in this post.

Zebra Prom Dress Ideas

Zebra Prom Dresses 2013

Black and white zebra print looks very extraordinary with orange tone. The zebra prom dress shown in the picture actually doesn’t only involve those three colors, but it also involves pink, red, blue and little green accent on the prom long dress. Those colors are combined together in classic zebra lines as usual. As the result, we can see that this unusual animal print dress is very stunning. Another dress even combines the zebra and tiger print pattern and color at once. Thus, at the same time, we can appear in both animal print styles when we are wearing this mermaid sweetheart dress.

Zebra Prom Dresses

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