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Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Set in 2013

Vera Wang is famous among many brides who want to appear exclusively in her wedding dress. Well, Vera Wang is a talented wedding dress designer who is usually chosen to make many couture gowns for bridal. And besides designing many exclusive wedding gowns, Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses set is available to give the bridesmaid the best appearance at your wedding moment. And Vera Wang seems pretty smart to give what many bridesmaids and brides want through the dresses. Let’s see some innovations which are applied by Vera Wang onto her bridesmaid gowns collection in this year.

Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Black

As like the wedding gowns, Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses come in two length versions, long and short. The short one is well-known among the wedding procession. It is because the shorter bridesmaid gowns than the bride dress look very cozy especially in every photo shoot session. Usually, most brides want her bridal moment is full of unique concept including the combination of color between the bridesmaid and wedding gowns. No wonder that at least a color theme must be applied to set a beautiful and unforgettable wedding party. Vera Wang offers many color options to choose including green, blue and red to dominate your seasonal wedding party. In this case, Vera Wang tries to make all of her bridesmaid dresses to be classier and more elegant. That’s why glossy fabric is chosen rather than chiffon or other usual linen. Besides the qualified fabric selection, Vera Wang tries to apply various unusual details on every bridesmaid gown.

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Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Blush

Pleated or gap detail becomes the most usual detail which is applied on the dress. Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses sometimes apply sparkling hardware to complete its fabulous model. Although the hardware is not applied too much on the dress, the bridesmaid gowns by Vera Wang always look adorable in graceful model. It is simple yet classy in such a way. We know that you will fall in love with them at the first sight. Unfortunately, you must spend much money to get them since Vera Wang really keeps the quality of her dresses either for bride or bridesmaid.

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