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Teal Nails with Design of Art

All parts of your body are great media to represent a specific fashion style. And in this case, nails are the smallest parts of our body which can be used to represent a fashion style. Lately, finger nails are usually decorated nicely with nail polish and art. And today, we are going to introduce teal nails with design of art as an elegant option for you. Well, teal is a kind of color which has similar tone like dark green. The teal itself appears modernly with little metallic accent over the green tone. And now the teal colored nail idea comes with stylish art design as complement. Let’s check it out below.

Teal Nails with Design Glitter

Most people think that nail art is very expensive. And it may be true. Yet, a thing that makes the nail art expensive is if you apply it at nail art center. That’s why if you want to decorate your finger nails with nail art inexpensively, try to apply the nail art at home. However, applying the teal nails with design is very easy. At least we know several basic tools and matters to do this homemade nail art design. Currently, numerous accessory stores always provide nail polish in various color options including teal colored nail polish. We can choose the standard teal nail polish with or without metallic accent. Sometimes, there will be teal nail polish with glitter. Well, the price of the nail polish is usually influenced by the nail polish brand and type. For the innovative furnishing, the teal nail polish can be combined with one or two other nail polish colors. And for embellishment, sticker and beads are gorgeous alternative to beautify the nail art design.

Teal Nails with Design Ideas

Teal Nails with Design Metallic

If you are not a creative person who can create a stylish detail on the teal nails with design, there is still nail sticker with many kinds of pattern to use. This nail sticker comes in a wide range with simple and complicated patterns. Furthermore, this smart nail sticker usually has innovative color composition to stunning your nail art. Don’t forget to choose the nail art sticker based on the length and desire as well.

Teal Nails with Design Rose

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