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Silk Wrap Nails Features and Beauty

Silk Wrap Nails at Home

Nail is something that grows periodically as like hair on our body. The nails are one of other body parts which can be treated as well as hair especially when it is regarding to fashion style. As everybody knows, women always become a gender who prefers to beautify almost all parts of their body including nails. There are many attractive ... Read More »

Nail Designs for Short Nails in Creative Styles

Nail Designs for Short Nails 2013

Do you want to try in applying nail art on your fingers’ nail? Well, we don’t have to have long nails to apply this extremely cute fashion art. Basically, our short nails have the same right as well as the longer nails. Various nail designs for short nails may be so helpful in this circumstances especially for you goat to ... Read More »

Cute Nail Designs to Show Your Girlish Nature

Cute Nail Designs 2013

To be perfectly feminine, a woman must do some steps including decorating their nail. Well, we know that not all women prefer to apply something on their nails. It depends on someone’s character and style. Thus, we can know the right method to be a feminine girl without doing something which you wouldn’t like. Most women think that applying nail ... Read More »

Prom Nail Ideas to Match Prom Gown Color

Once we have selected the best dress color and design for prom night party, it is time for us to match it with prom nail ideas. As a woman, appear elegantly in matching outfit seems to be a significant point especially in a special event like prom party. And applying nail polish may be a part of your makeup style. ... Read More »

Zebra Print Nails the Stunning Animal Print Art Ideas

Fashion offers many attractive topics to discuss. It is not only about clothing and dressing. Fashion even offers nail art to consider if you want to appear fully fashionable everyday. And zebra print nails can be a good choice to make your appearance more cheerful and stylish. Well, as one of exotic animal print ideas; the zebra print gives such ... Read More »

Cute Natural Nail Designs in Ideal Length

Cute Natural Nail Designs 2013

Nail art is definitely not natural for our finger nails. It is because the installation of nail art requires some matters and items to create. Even the simplest appearance of nail art, we still use nail polish to make the nail beautiful. That’s why we add some words to complete the title of today’s article becoming cute natural nail designs ... Read More »

Teal Nails with Design of Art

Teal Nails with Design Glitter

All parts of your body are great media to represent a specific fashion style. And in this case, nails are the smallest parts of our body which can be used to represent a fashion style. Lately, finger nails are usually decorated nicely with nail polish and art. And today, we are going to introduce teal nails with design of art ... Read More »

Cute Animal Nail Designs in Homemade Concept

Cute Animal Nail Designs Easy

Decorating your finger nails in the same color of nail polish seems too boring to imagine. In this modern era, many ways are available to beautify your finger nails cheaply and quickly. So, why don’t you try this method? In this post, we have cute animal nail designs in homemade concept to make along at home. How to apply the ... Read More »

Rosary Nail Art Designs for Religious Person

Rosary Nail Art Designs 2013

Are you a religious person yet a fashionable woman at once? Well, let’s combine both very different concepts into one concept. Yeah, religious fashion style sounds too conventional and formal for modern people. That’s why we give you a simple way to show your religious character through a fashionable nail art style. Rosary nail art designs are what we are ... Read More »

Colored Legs Nail Polish for Cuter Footwear Look

Colored Legs Nail Polish 2013

Everything which is related with women is always cute and beautiful. Yeah, even their feet nails are also pretty cute to adore. Of course, it may become one of many advantages becoming a woman. We can attract a man just by appearing as the way we are. Well, applying colored legs nail polish perhaps offer innovative ideas to improve our ... Read More »