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Teal Nails with Design of Art

Teal Nails with Design Glitter

All parts of your body are great media to represent a specific fashion style. And in this case, nails are the smallest parts of our body which can be used to represent a fashion style. Lately, finger nails are usually decorated nicely with nail polish and art. And today, we are going to introduce teal nails with design of art ... Read More »

Cute Animal Nail Designs in Homemade Concept

Cute Animal Nail Designs Easy

Decorating your finger nails in the same color of nail polish seems too boring to imagine. In this modern era, many ways are available to beautify your finger nails cheaply and quickly. So, why don’t you try this method? In this post, we have cute animal nail designs in homemade concept to make along at home. How to apply the ... Read More »

Rosary Nail Art Designs for Religious Person

Rosary Nail Art Designs 2013

Are you a religious person yet a fashionable woman at once? Well, let’s combine both very different concepts into one concept. Yeah, religious fashion style sounds too conventional and formal for modern people. That’s why we give you a simple way to show your religious character through a fashionable nail art style. Rosary nail art designs are what we are ... Read More »

Colored Legs Nail Polish for Cuter Footwear Look

Colored Legs Nail Polish 2013

Everything which is related with women is always cute and beautiful. Yeah, even their feet nails are also pretty cute to adore. Of course, it may become one of many advantages becoming a woman. We can attract a man just by appearing as the way we are. Well, applying colored legs nail polish perhaps offer innovative ideas to improve our ... Read More »

Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial Tips with Nail Stickers

Hello Kitty Nail Art 2013

Who don’t know this popular Japanese cartoon character? Hello Kitty is a cartoon character of cat which is commonly drawn by its designer without lips. People say that Hello Kitty is designed purposely without any lip. Some people say that the designer of Hello Kitty wants people draw the lips themselves in their mind when they are looking at Hello ... Read More »

Bright Toe Nail Designs Tutorial Tips

Bright Toe Nail Designs Blue

Nail is a nice media where we can apply beautiful art on. At least every human being has ten hand nails and ten toe nails to decorate with bright nail art design. Don’t even think that applying nail art is something difficult to do. This modern day offers so much easiness in doing almost everything through internet. We only have ... Read More »

Matte Nail Polish for Unusual Look

Matte Nail Polish Black

Generally, once the nail has been polished well with a certain nail polish, your nail will be glossy with that dried nail polish cover. This look is usually happened anytime we applied usual nail polish onto our nail. But today such a different look and texture will be displayed when we apply matte nail polish. This unique nail polish has ... Read More »

Cute Easy Nail Designs for Artistic Persons

Cute Easy Nail Designs for Kids

To be a fashionable woman is actually very easy. Nowadays, there are so many fashion boutiques where we can find so many dress, pant, jacket, coat and T-shirt collection every time the trend changes. Besides the fashion boutique, there are still many shoes and sandals centers, bag center and many accessory centers to visit with close friends and relatives in ... Read More »

Easy Nail Designs for Young Ladies

Easy Nail Designs 2013

Fashion is not always about dress, jeans or shoes only. Well, hairstyle and even nail art can be a small part of fashion. And typically these small components of fashion precisely offer bigger effect on somebody’s appearance. Now, we are talking about young lady who still loves attractive and cute ideas of fashion. And easy nail designs seem more perfect ... Read More »