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Rosary Nail Art Designs for Religious Person

Are you a religious person yet a fashionable woman at once? Well, let’s combine both very different concepts into one concept. Yeah, religious fashion style sounds too conventional and formal for modern people. That’s why we give you a simple way to show your religious character through a fashionable nail art style. Rosary nail art designs are what we are going to talk about here. In this case, the religious fashion style doesn’t have to come in numerous apparel models. Just let your creativity going wilder through this adorable religious nail art style.

Rosary Nail Art Designs 2013

The rosary nail art designs are generally easy to make. It involves the basic pattern of rosary. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the rosary pattern should be applied on every nail. For nicer look, the rosary nail art pattern is usually only installed on one of five nails. Let’s see some pictures of the rosary nail art models attached in this post then. Every photo shows us a beautiful concept of the rosary nail art. Let’s start the description of the first rosary nail art model. Based on the first photo, gold nail polish is selected as the base nail coating before installing the rosary pattern. In this case, every nail has its own pattern to block the nail shape. Mostly, the nail art maker purposely involves more crosses to drawn on the nail. One some nails, we are even able to see the application of rosary shape in different patterns. The way of how to draw the cross symbol is also different from one nail to another. And this method precisely makes your rosary style nail art amazing in that golden scheme.

Rosary Nail Art Designs Images

Rosary Nail Art Designs Pattern

In more practical concept, the rosary nail art designs only involve a rosary patterned nail sticker as the decoration. This transparent sticker with black rosary pattern is carefully installed over the base nail coating. Commonly, the rosary patterned nail sticker is only installed to cover a nail such as thumb, pinky or index finger nail. To make your religious nail art in rosary style more sacral and neutral for any fashion style, pure white is preferable to be a base nail polish color.

Rosary Nail Art Designs Pictures

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