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Promise Rings for him and her in Matching Set

Many ideas of matching ring set are very attractive to choose. Promise rings for him and her may be a great choice to express your deep love though both of you are only going steady. In general, the promise rings are specifically designed to be a couple rings set. No wonder that both rings have similar design concept to adore. Some couple rings are commonly designed with writing or letter carved on the band. The other rings come with diamond or stone which is designed in different style or shape. Basically, the promise rings for couple are purposely designed to reflect gender differences through the rings model and the same meaning of love inside them.

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Do you want to know more detail about the promise rings for him and her in matching set? Well, let’s check them out together. The first matching promise rings are very beautiful and meaningful. Both rings are made of white gold and titanium. Therefore, the rings have two metallic tones which are darker and lighter on the round band. Besides this metallic color tone combination which is displayed clearly on the band, the promise ring for men doesn’t have any special touch like the women’s ring does. Although there are only several tiny diamond grains installed on the ring for women, the women’s promise ring looks truly more feminine than the men’s ring. Another set of matching promise ring is even more romantic than the first one. It is because both rings have “Only Love You” phrase to emphasize both man and woman’s love feeling.

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Promise Rings for Him and Her Images

Furthermore, this writing promise rings for him and her are designed elegantly in very slim round band. Additionally, the slim band is formed by unique spiral accent along it. Thus, this couple set of matching promise rings looks very bright and stunning at the same time. If we usually find promise ring only in silver or metallic tone, we will find this romantic ring in pink blush on the metallic tone. Material combination is required in this romantic ring set designing. Jade is chosen to give that pink blush accent on the metallic white gold ring tone.

Promise Rings for Him and Her 2013

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