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Pre Owned Engagement Rings for Meaningful Moment of Life

Do you still have a grandmother from your parents’ family? Well, certain people usually inherit engagement and marriage rings from their elders. Pre owned engagement rings are definitely older than new engagement ring purchased from a jewelry boutique in the city. Although we don’t have to spend money to buy it, the pre-owned ring from your elder is perfectly more meaningful than any new ring. It is because every second ring must have special memory of when it was worn, who wore it and many more meaningful memories of your great grandmother and grandfather.

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That’s why it is better to respect your great grandmother by wearing the pre-owned engagement rings rather than buying the new one. Don’t even regret about the old fashioned ring design. Don’t you know that many new rings at stores are only designed in similar model from time to time? Sometimes, we can find some old fashioned rings are sold as modern rings at the same stores. It means ring design is just like fashion and music. It always changes and comes back from generation to the next generation. Let’s see some samples of the second hand diamond engagement rings in this article. There is a vintage jade ring for engagement. This ring is perfectly made of ivory jade with thin band style. Some small diamonds are arranged on the ring top as ornament. There are three parts of diamond attached orderly on the jade ring. The biggest one is designed in pillow or square shape. And it is located between both smaller grains of diamond.

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Another old fashioned ring comes in a big heart shaped diamond. From the start you look at it, it looks very old and historical. This white gold second hand ring looks quite yellow when the light touched it. As like other heart shaped diamond ring, three prongs are arranged in triangle setting to wrap the heart diamond. Outer line is covered by some tiny diamond grains as well. Some grains of diamond are also found along the round band. Thus, the pre-owned engagement rings will fully sparkle surrounding your finger.

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