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Matte Nail Polish for Unusual Look

Generally, once the nail has been polished well with a certain nail polish, your nail will be glossy with that dried nail polish cover. This look is usually happened anytime we applied usual nail polish onto our nail. But today such a different look and texture will be displayed when we apply matte nail polish. This unique nail polish has unusual texture which makes our nail classy. This nail polish is intentionally unique because of its free glossy texture. It means when the matte polish is installed on the nail, there is no glossy accent applied on your nail as usual. When it is dry, the matte polish will change into softer look as classy as velvet covering your colored nail.

Matte Nail Polish Black

This phenomenon is definitely unique since it is not usually applied on your nail. Commonly, little glossy accent will still be displayed perfectly though the nail polish has been dried before. However, a special nail polish must be required in this case. The matte nail polish is certainly made of special matter which has bolder texture than usual nail polish. The function is only to give softer look on the nail color. On the other hands, there are numerous color options of this kind of nail polish to choose. Thus, we don’t have to worry we will not be fashionable with this special nail polish. In addition, this kind of velvet nail polish is suitable with additional embellishment of nail art such as beads and many more. It means we are allowed to create any kind of nail art as desire.

Matte Nail Polish Designs

Matte Nail Polish Opi

How to install the matte nail polish is actually equal like standard nail polish. First thing first, we have to clean our nail gently with clean warm water before applying any chemical matter on our nails. Don’t forget to apply to coat first to cover our original nail. Thus, our nail doesn’t directly touch the chemical matter of the nail polish. And then we can apply the matte polish for nail normally when the top coat has been dried. Ensure to choose appropriate color of the matte polish to match your dress. Or we can choose the neutral one in order to it can match any colored dress we wear.

Matte Nail Polish Top Coat

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