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Long Formal Camo Dresses in Country Style

Wearing long formal camo dresses in certain formal occasion like wedding and evening party probably can be a good solution if you want to bring little country forest accent into the party. Anyway, the camouflage dresses are not for country women only. Lately, this wild and exotic fall themed dress is for everybody no matter where they are staying. In addition, according to the latest camo fashion trend, the camouflage pattern comes in more varieties of motif shape and design. It means the camo pattern doesn’t always appear like a military or army uniform pattern.

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Let’s see some long formal camo dresses with new camo pattern styles below. In several pictures attached in this post, we exactly can see the first long camo formal dress with its new camouflage pattern shape. Unlike usual, the camo pattern applied on this formal camo gown looks more complicated with asymmetric, spiral and line details. Furthermore, those details are combined into one with three different tones mixed together in them. Thus, with the brown, navy and white colors combination, a new camo pattern style is successfully created to beautify this long formal gown. To display the new camo pattern style better, the long formal gown is specifically made simpler in order to the other details on the gown will not distract your attention onto the camo pattern style itself. Based on the picture, this first camo long dress only applies floor-length maxi dress cut with empire waist cut to emphasize the strapless neckline. The dress is made of chiffon which is loose and light of weight. Thus, you will feel so free while walking in this formal camo gown.

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The second country long formal camouflage dress with new pattern style appears in drop waist mermaid dress cut. Unlike the first gown, this second gown displays a clearer camo pattern shape. In the other words, we can directly discover what inspires the camo pattern of this gown. Flower is the only perfect answer. Based on the picture, cream Rose, navy blue Tulip and a kind of pink flower in huge size are combined to create such a mixed pattern on the gown. The lower location the flower is placed, the clearer flower we can see on the gown. Well, this kind of long formal camo dresses is recommended for you.

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