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Camouflage Wedding Dresses Ideas for Army Bridal Style

Who says that camouflage patterned clothing is always identical with tomboyish or manly look? Today, we can appear femininely in camouflage wedding dresses. And this time, every bride and bridesmaid will look very interesting and unique in this army gown style. The unique accent found on this army wedding dress is located on the camouflage pattern style. This pattern is also well-known as camo motif. Generally, the camo motif involves such complicated or abstract patterns which appear in dark or bright tone. The combination of these dark and bright tones makes this wild motif special for everybody who loves nature.

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Don’t even think about the design of the camouflage wedding dresses. The camo dresses for bridal are always beautiful in general gown model indeed. For the bridal gown for the bride, the dress incorporates A-line dress cut with strapless neckline detail to beautify it. Besides both details, the camo wedding gown also appears elegantly with plain colored material application. This plain colored fabric is usually applied to combine with the camouflage patterned fabric no matter what the design. In a picture uploaded in this post, the camouflage wedding gown still consists of white tone to bring the traditional scheme of wedding gown. This white satin is attached on the front side of the gown as like a long white apron in front of a camo gown. Very attractive A-line camo dress in mossy green dominates the back side of this dress. And this camo dress involves long chapel train which always follows the bride anytime she is walking.

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On the other side, orange satin is incorporated around the bride’s neckline. This orange tone looks very eye-catching among the camo and white dress. And it is perfect to capture more attention from all people who attend on the wedding day. Basically, ornament is not significant on the camouflage wedding dresses. It is because the camouflage pattern has completely dominated the entire parts of the gown. And if you prefer to install embellishment on the gown, it will be exactly invisible covered by the camo pattern. A bucket of flower is perfectly enough to complete your appearance in this unique camo bridal dress actually.

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