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How to Casual Dress for Men in His Formal Look

Following the latest fashion style, men outfits are produced in a big scale to match the drastic development of women fashion style. In fact, besides women fashion style, there are some things that make men fashion style interesting. One of those interesting aspects is how to combine one fashion style with another one to create a new fashion style that can make women melting while seeing it. Smart casual fashion style is one of famous men fashion look this day. How to casual dress for men in his formal look is actually quite simple to do. The basic thing you should know is to understand the aspect to mix and match the casual and formal outfits well.

How to Casual Dress for Men 2013

Now, firstly we have to know the concept of the formal fashion style for men. Suit is the most outstanding formal wear package which is usually worn by men in any formal occasion such as office and party. The suit itself consists of several pieces of outfits that are actually able to wear separately. They include dress shirt, blazer, a pair of trousers or pants, vest and tuxedo coat sometimes. Anyway, every man definitely forces to appear luxuriously and politely in his formal fashion style. Contrast with this polite wear, men come simpler and freely in his casual fashion style. A man will choose to wear his favorite old jeans and T-shirt only in this fashion style. Some more fashionable men usually mix and match other outfits to complete their casual fashion such as sweater, short sleeve dress shirt, cargo short, denim jacket and tank top. The small problem here is how to casual dress for men in her formal fashion style.

How to Casual Dress for Men Easy

How to Casual Dress for Men Ideas

If we are success in solving the way of how to casual dress for men in his formal wear, casual smart fashion style will be created then. The method to combine both contrast fashion styles is easy. We have to mix and match some outfits which reflect both fashion styles to create the smart casual look. For instance, we can combine a checkers dress shirt with rolled midi sleeves, straight jeans and necktie. Or we can wear a simple graphical t-shirt, jeans or formal pants and a checkers or plain blazer.

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