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Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial Tips with Nail Stickers

Who don’t know this popular Japanese cartoon character? Hello Kitty is a cartoon character of cat which is commonly drawn by its designer without lips. People say that Hello Kitty is designed purposely without any lip. Some people say that the designer of Hello Kitty wants people draw the lips themselves in their mind when they are looking at Hello Kitty. It means everyone must have her or his own imagination about Hello Kitty in her or his mind. Well, besides that fact, actually many men and women love this cute and fashionable cartoon character. No wonder that there are so many Hello Kitty accessories and pictures found anywhere including on your nails. If you are a Hello Kitty’s big fan, Hello Kitty nail art can be a good nail art design to apply. Let’s see how to make the Hello Kitty on your nails.

Hello Kitty Nail Art 2013

Nail sticker is a solution for your big problem in creating or applying the Hello Kitty nail art. Generally, some people will directly think that they can create their own Hello Kitty shape on the nail art. Thus, they must need to go to nail salon to do it. And finally they will spend so much money for it. Well, you get wrong for this thought. We don’t even need much money to create the Hello Kitty nail actually. Today, there are so many accessory stores which sell nail stickers with various character models, patterns and colors to choose and buy. And you will not get bankrupt when you purchase it. It is because the nail sticker is affordable even for kids. How to install the Hello Kitty nail sticker is very easy. The basic method of nail polishing still works effectively in this project.

Hello Kitty Nail Art Designs

Hello Kitty Nail Art Images

Clean your nail with clean warm water and dry it by wiping it with cotton or tissue. And then apply your favorite colored nail polish as the base nail color. Apply some glitter to make your nail cuter. Or you can just stay plain with your favorite color. Let it dry and then stick the Hello Kitty nail sticker as desire on your nail. Ensure to install it gently in order to get neat nail look on your Hello Kitty nail art.

Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial

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