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Easy Nail Designs for Young Ladies

Fashion is not always about dress, jeans or shoes only. Well, hairstyle and even nail art can be a small part of fashion. And typically these small components of fashion precisely offer bigger effect on somebody’s appearance. Now, we are talking about young lady who still loves attractive and cute ideas of fashion. And easy nail designs seem more perfect to support their pretty fashion style. Don’t even think that nail art is difficult to create. Many women think that applying nail art require much time, money and even energy to hold up our usual attitude. It means some nail art models definitely force the wearer to be careful in moving or doing something with their hand. It is because uncontrolled movement may be able to make a big damage on the nail art.

Easy Nail Designs 2013

Fortunately, numerous ideas of the easy nail designs are even simple to create. In internet, everyone can find simple tutorials of how to create the easy nail art. Of course we should choose the nail art designed according to our character. If you think that you are an active young lady, it will be effective to apply simple nail art by combining two or more colored polishes. Some models are displayed in this post. In fact, every model of nail art has different level of difficulty. Mostly, it depends on your creativity so that you may get a good concept for the easy nail art design. One of the easy nail art designs offers three nail polish colors namely black, white and transparent. The main nail is covered by the transparent nail polish, while the longer nail part is covered by the black and white nail polishes. As like zebra print, the black and white polishes are combined in such a way. Thus, finally all nails are covered with this zebra print nail art style.

Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Easy Nail Designs Step by Step

If you are a creative young lady, applying different concept of nail art on every nail will be a gorgeous idea. Ensure to choose a color theme to give an equal scent on your nails, for example, purple and maroon. As the result, the purple and maroon tones are used as the easy nail designs background. It will be more attractive to arrange the color randomly. And try to apply different art concept on each nail such as polka dot, stripes, leopard print, or just simple plain nail art style.

Easy Nail Designs for Girls

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