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Country Wedding with Gray Dresses for Bridesmaids

Choosing a specific theme for your wedding is essential. This theme is functional to help us deciding several things regarding to the bridal celebration such as wedding destination, venue, decoration, menu, dress model and many more. In this summer, outdoor wedding concept seems make people drooling. This bridal concept doesn’t only give us more opportunity to merge with natural scent, but we are also allowed to save even more money by benefiting these natural decoration and venue for your bridal party. One of numerous outdoor wedding themes is country wedding style. Country wedding with gray dresses for bridesmaids can be a good topic to discuss right now.

Country Wedding with Gray Dresses 2013

However, the country wedding style is quite similar with bohemian, hippie and vintage bridal style. The concept of decoration is equal by emphasizing natural atmosphere around the wedding party. At the same time, we should be able to bring as much nature detail as possible onto the wedding gown. The country wedding with gray dresses for the bridesmaids seems very unique and attractive to try. In this case, the bride-to-be is allowed to wear a white bridal gown conventionally. But we have to do different action on the bridesmaid’s dress. We have to apply more natural accent on their appearances. And wearing gray dress can force us to imagine natural grey stone which is usually found around you. Of course we also should decide the best wedding destination to match this country theme. We suggest you to hold the wedding in countryside area. There will be at least an antique church in the countryside in which we can throw the country wedding.

Country Wedding with Gray Dresses Bridesmaid

Country Wedding with Gray Dresses Inspiration

The country wedding with gray dresses for bridesmaid perhaps can appear in assorted concept. On the other hands, every bridesmaid will wear different dress model from each other. Thus, four, six, eight or even ten bridesmaids will look like gorgeous models who are doing a catwalk fashion show while accompanying the bride on the altar. Don’t be afraid to combine the grey tone with contrast color idea such as yellow, orange, pink, purple or blue. The existence of light color among the gray neutral tone will bring much cheerful accent onto your appearance during the bridal.

Country Wedding with Gray Dresses Models

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