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Colored Legs Nail Polish for Cuter Footwear Look

Everything which is related with women is always cute and beautiful. Yeah, even their feet nails are also pretty cute to adore. Of course, it may become one of many advantages becoming a woman. We can attract a man just by appearing as the way we are. Well, applying colored legs nail polish perhaps offer innovative ideas to improve our appearance in any fashion style and occasion. However, applying the nail art or simple polish ideas on the nails may give such a gorgeous look on your cute feet no matter what you are wearing as the footwear.

Colored Legs Nail Polish 2013

Wide range of colored legs nail polish ideas are available to pick. We can see several models of the legs nail polish in some pictures uploaded in this post. Let’s see the first nail art style. The first leg nail art model shows us the easiest way to beautify the small part of your bottom body. Covering the entire parts of your legs nail in red seems too usual to do. Just replace that red nail polish color with black as the base nail polish tone option. Once all legs nails have been covered well in black, we can directly use white and red nail polish colors to decorate the base coating tone. The method is very easy, you know! We only have to apply the white nail polish over the black base coating in polka dot style. Try to not apply too much polka dot at one nail since we know that leg nail is smaller than our hand nail size.  Install the white polka dot polish art on every leg nail. But try to leave the thumb nail behind. We will apply a little different concept on the thumb nail with another additional nail color.

Colored Legs Nail Polish Ideas

Colored Legs Nail Polish Options

Yeah, in this case, we take red to combine with the white polka dot art style. The colored legs nail polish should be installed in such a way so that we can see the creative detail of the white, black and red nail polishes at once. Some other leg nail polish art models are also displayed in this post. We know that those nail art for legs models will easily inspire you in appearing more stylishly.

Colored Legs Nail Polish Pattern

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