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Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair Ideas

In general, highlight is associated with hair. It is kind of hair coloring which has a specific purpose to beautify your natural hair. Besides highlight, there is also lowlight in the same field as hair streaks. Yeah, although both streak applications look similar, actually highlight and lowlight have different function and characteristic. Highlight is typically known as additional hair dye that is installed in your natural hair color. Basically, the highlight tone is several levels higher from the natural hair tone. Contrast with that fact, the lowlight tone is several levels deeper from your natural hair tone. This time, we give you a trendy inspiration of blonde highlights in brown hair.

Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair 2013

Yeah, everybody knows that brown or caramel brown hair is always perfect without any hair dye application in it. The brown hair itself offers timeless natural sense on your hair. Therefore, we don’t need any hair color to apply over this natural hair color. Unfortunately, not all women feel comfort with their natural brown hair color. They always think that the brown hair is too conventional and old fashioned for them. That’s why most women prefer to block the entire surface of their natural brown hair with another vibrant or even darker hair dye. Generally, applying highlight is enough to throw that boring accent away. The blonde highlights in brown hair may be a nice sample for this highlight project. This blonde streak application will reduce the unattractive accent from your natural hair.

Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair Men

Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair Pictures

In a smart way, the blonde highlights in brown hair gives shocking light tone over your natural caramel brown hair tone. Commonly, many women will apply the blonde streaks randomly following the texture of their hair. While bringing such a trendy detail on the natural hair, the blonde highlight specifically emphasizes the texture of your natural hair such as wavy, curly and smooth straight line. Hey girls, don’t even try to apply the blonde highlight alone at home if you haven’t understood about the tutorial. We completely suggest you to visit a trusted hair salon to apply it at the first time. At the same time, we can ask the simple tutorial from the hairstylist for the next highlight coloring at home.

Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair Styles

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