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Cheetah Dresses for Teenagers Designs Collection

Here we are still talking about exotic animal print as recent fashion trendsetter. In the previous article, zebra print offers such classic black and white lines to be your party dress focal point. Now, cheetah gives wilder scent on your summer and fall fashion style. Cheetah dresses for teenagers designs collection showed in this post will completely make your numb. Let’s discover the basic pattern shape of the cheetah print firstly before describing several models of the cheetah printed dress below.

Cheetah Dresses for Teenagers 2013

Unlike the zebra print which only contains of two colored lines as the basic pattern, the cheetah print has more detail and complicated shape on its basic pattern. No wonder that every cheetah pattern found on some dresses can be different from each other. One time, the pattern is crowded and tight. And another time, the cheetah print pattern looks so loose and big. Generally, the shape of cheetah print only consists of some small circles with tough edge around them. It is like a dark spot with little yellow accent on the center and along the edge. And finally, the spot comes in a huge scale to cover the entire surface of the cheetah body. Although currently the animal printed fabric is just synthetic or fake, the wild scent of the animal print is still available. And now, the cheetah dresses for teenagers should make you eye catching during the party. Here they are several models of the teenager dresses with cheetah print.

Cheetah Dresses for Teenagers Hijab

Cheetah Dresses for Teenagers Ideas

Your summer night party will be more memorable since you match the hot atmosphere of summer by wearing a gorgeous long cheetah print gown. The cheetah dresses for teenagers should fit on your shape. It means the gown involves straight off dress cut rather than A-line dress cut. Your sweetheart neckline cheetah dress will be amazing with loose off shoulder strap cut. The loose strap placed on your arms naturally can give such hot and sexy nuance on your appearance. Don’t forget to loose your long straight blonde hair as the hairstyle. Or wear side swept ponytail hairstyle with swept back bang to maximize your sexiness.

Cheetah Dresses for Teenagers Options

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