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Modern Hippie Clothing for Women in Peach and Love Spirit

Modern Hippie Clothing for Women Ideas

Are you a free-spirit-woman? Mostly, a woman with this kind of aspiration loves everything which lives in nature. It is including their way in dressing in normal life. Generally, women who love peace prefer to dress naturally in stylish and chic fashion style. Since it is quite difficult to determine the fashion style concept, some fashion experts have revealed hippie ... Read More »

Fall Outfits for Pregnant Women Collection

Fall Outfits for Pregnant Women Styles

Facing this cold fall season, every mother-to-be must want to stay up to date and fashionable though they should be at home until the baby born. Well, keep contact with your beloved husband is significant in this crucial period. Therefore, as a pregnant woman, we must always look stylish and beautiful in front of our husband. Wearing fall outfits for ... Read More »

Tunic Sweater Dress for Warmer Fall Fashion Style

Tunic Sweater Dress 2013

Tunic is generally known as a loose type of clothing which is commonly pulled over your head to cover the top part of your body. This kind of clothing is actually equal as sweater. Commonly, most people will wear another piece of clothing under this tunic such as tank top, T-shirt or just a simple corset made of linen. Tunic ... Read More »

Long Dresses with Leggings Concepts

Long Dresses with Leggings 2013

Legging is a kind of tight pant which is usually worn as undergarment. Yet, recently, this long tight pant becomes more universal regarding to the function on fashion. In the other words, the legging lately is worn as well as usual pants, jeans and trousers as a bottom outfit. However, the main purpose of legging as an undergarment still exists. ... Read More »

Beach Dress White Short Collection for Summer Time

Beach Dress White 2013

Beach always becomes the number one place which is visited by so many people no matter where they live. This natural public place is usually so crowded only in certain season like summer. During summer season, many people do the recreation to enjoy the beauty and exoticism of beach. In addition, this place is a very effective place to spend ... Read More »

Women’s Floral Maxi Dresses Must Haves

Womens Floral Maxi Dresses Ideas

Summer break will not perfect without spending the holiday time in some pleasant outdoor places such as beach, countryside, mountain and even public swimming pool in the city. Once we have decided where we will spend our summer break time with family, every woman no matter what the age should not forget to consider what they wear during the holiday. ... Read More »

Dressing Boho Chic for Your Exotic Summer Fashion Icon

Dressing Boho Chic 2013

Boho or bohemian fashion style is a fashion concept which is inspired by nature element. The bohemian fashion is typically free. It means everyone can express their own style while dressing boho chic. This kind of exotic and free fashion style is commonly signed by the appearance of loose and float skirt, cropped jacket or vest, embroidered tunic, Western boots ... Read More »

Junior Maxi Dresses to Enjoy Your Summer Break

Junior Maxi Dresses Cheap

When we are talking about maxi dress, sundress must become what we are imagining then. It is because most sundresses appear in this maxi dress size. Well, in fact, maxi dress is not always related with plus size dress or a dress with biggest size for maxi women only. The maxi dress is usually available in various sizes including for ... Read More »

Legging Wear with Dress in Casual Fashion Composition

Legging Wear with Dress Casual

Casual fashion style is the simplest fashion style for everybody. This kind of fashion style is typically worn as daily fashion look. It means this casual look is typically worn when we are hanging out to mall, public place like park and playground or at home only. Generally, the casual fashion style is identical with jeans and T-shirt. Following the ... Read More »

Short Kid’s Dresses for Cute Toddler Girls

Short Kids Dresses Ideas

Toddler is a kind who is about 1 – 3 years old. The kids in this age usually start to learn walking and running. And to support their learning period, we as their parents should select appropriate outfits to wear by them. Short kid’s dresses are suitable for cute toddler girls. Well, mostly, the short dresses for toddler come in ... Read More »