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Hippie Wedding Dresses for Peace and Love Concept

Hippie fashion was very popular within 1960’s. This fashion style is identical with free and natural concept. This concept reflects love and peace atmosphere which commonly displayed by people who wear the hippie fashion style. Generally, hippie women have long hair to express their natural ideas of life. Nowadays, hippie fashion style is widely used as wedding dress concept. Hippie wedding dresses are basically similar with other dress concept. The difference is only found on the detail of gown which is simpler and chic.

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Well, for you who live in this modern day perhaps don’t know exactly the shape or model of the hippie fashion style. Therefore, we give you several models of the hippie dresses for bridal to inspire you. We hope that you will be able to choose the best dress model with hippie style for your own bridal moment. Loose straight-off wedding dress is the first model of hippie wedding dresses to discuss. This long sheath gown is made of sheer fabric and lace. The concept of dress is very simple with straight A-line cut and V neckline style. The unique part of this gown is its sleeves. It is because the short sleeves appear uniquely in loose style. It is attached on the dress in such a way to surround your upper body. Furthermore, the edge of the sleeves is dominated by patterned lace. And it looks very fashionable and chic to reflect natural peace and love atmosphere.

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The second hippie gown model comes in shorter length. The dress appears in above-knee-length cut. Strapless gown is beautified by the application of sweetheart neckline. Ruffle detail is applied randomly on the edge of the gown. Some larger ruffle details are also found on the front side of the gown. And the ruffles are arranged loosely in vertical line. This short dress is made of chiffon which is completed by elastic fabric surrounding the waist. And to make the short hippie wedding dresses classier in fitter cut, the skirt incorporates little peplum concept on the end of the skirt.

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