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White Dress for Teenagers with Hard Texture

Mostly, white dresses definitely look very simple in plain concept. It means there is no any embellishment or detail application to decorate the white fabric. Well, yeah, we think that you have known the answer. That kind of conventional white dress is so boring even to wear you elders. To make you happy, today, we are going to introduce some models collection of white dress for teenagers with hard texture or detail. Do you know what exactly it is? Texture or detail is something like embroidery, beads, sequins, mirrored stones and others which are commonly embellished on the dress. Every embellishment type has different texture from the other. It depends on the shape of the embellishment itself.

White Dress for Teenagers 2013

For instance, lace has softer texture than rhinestones for sequins when we are feeling or touching by hand. Every texture or detail can be visible and even invisible. The invisible one typically appears as a kind of fabric which can only be seen clearly in closer distance. The visible one is always able to be seen though we are looking at it from far spot. The white dress for teenagers recently appears with those visible and invisible details. Some samples of them are able to see from the pictures. Thus, what are you waiting for now? Let’s see some white short dresses showed in the first picture. A short dress in the middle has invisible detail. When you focus in staring those white polka dots, you will know exactly that those polka dots have hard texture to feel by your hand. Those polka dots are made of a certain textured fabric that is finally is combined with the basic material of this white dress. Therefore, at the first sight, those textured polka dot looks just like common motifs spread over the white dress.

White Dress for Teenagers Concepts

White Dress for Teenagers Ideas

Another hard texture style is visible on the white dress for teenagers. This hard detail is created by sewing innovation such as pleated, ruffling, gaps, wrinkle, wavy and spiral. We can see the sample on the short Gothic dress in Lolita style showed in the picture. There are so many textured details applied on the dress even some small bows are found as ornament. Even with those ornaments, this girlish short dress doesn’t look so crowded. It even looks so incredible and fashionable for you.

White Dress for Teenagers Models

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