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Wedding Cocktail Dresses for Guests and Brides

Cocktail hour is typically inserted in every bridal reception moment. In this cocktail moment, both bride and groom will join the guests and family while chatting and enjoying an entertainment. Actually, there is no a special rule that suggest us to wear a specific dress in the cocktail hour. For wedding cocktail dresses, a simple wedding guest dress is enough to wear during the reception. It is also similar with the bride. It is better to wear your second wedding dress if you have more money to purchase it. The second bridal dress should be shorter and simpler to ease the bride chatting and meeting her guests. Wearing long dress with veil seems not perfect for cocktail hour in a wedding party.

Wedding Cocktail Dresses 2013

Let’s see a nice sample of wedding cocktail dresses for the bride in the last picture. It is a gorgeous fairy second dress for wedding. It is intentionally made in white as well as ideal wedding gown. To let the bride enjoying her quality time with the guests, this white fairy dress comes in very short length cut. Fit waist cut looks extraordinary with some details such as soft net and ivory satin ribbon. There is no too much concept on this mini length strapless dress for bridal. There is only unique material application on the end of the skirt as complement. Wear a pair of cute stiletto sandal to complete this second wedding cocktail mini dress. Well, three pictures uploaded in this post display three different models of guest cocktail dresses. We can choose one of them as desire since it is suitable with your character and mood.

Wedding Cocktail Dresses Australia

Wedding Cocktail Dresses Macy's

Every wedding guest cocktail dress has its own feature and trait. Let’s see the black one. This kind of tight wedding cocktail dresses is elegant to show off your maturity. This knee-length black tight dress involves cute short cap sleeves to cover your shoulders. In addition, the horizontal ruffle detail applied along the dress is also marvelous to improve your appearance. If you are a younger woman, we suggest you to wear the purple dress shown in the picture. This chiffon purple dress is luxurious with high neck cut and fit waist line.

Wedding Cocktail Dresses UK

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