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Victorian Dress Kids Collection Based on Social Class Level

Every time we are talking about Victorian and Edwardian dress style, we sure you commonly think about the history in that era, don’t you? Well, it is because in that era, the society is typically divided into several classes including high, middle and low class society. The high class society includes those who live in a big house with honorable family title following their name. Generally, every honorable title offers different wealth level such as Duke, Marquise, Earl, Count and Baron. The middle class of society involves those who live in wealth, yet they don’t have honorable title following their name. This kind of society class commonly has great income to make them rich. The low class of society is the lowest level of society in the Victorian era. This class involves poor people who don’t have proper house and money. Mostly, low class people find their money by stealing it from richer people. That is just a general courtesy to bring us in some Victorian dress kids collection based on the social status. Let’s see the most perfect costume for you below.

Victorian Dress Kids 2013

Let’s start it from the Victorian dress kids for high class society. As like usual Victorian dress for adult, kids especially the girls can wear a princess ball gown dress. The dress is just as simple as Cinderella’s dress. It must be designed elegantly with flared skirt, fit waist and trumpet long or midi sleeves. Various colors are able to select in dominating the Victorian dress such as light gold, dark green, red and white and many more. Typically, this high class society dress is made of high quality fabric like satin and silk. Yet, for the replica, the kid dress in Victorian style can be made of usual fabric like cotton or shirt. Little linen accent and lace can make your high class dress luxurious.

Victorian Dress Kids Boys

Victorian Dress Kids Carpenter

The middle class of society dress design is equal with the high class of society. Since the people are rich, they are allowed to buy as many beautiful dress as possible. It is different with the low class people. They don’t have enough money to buy a set of proper outfit to wear. No wonder that most of them appear in dirty look. Beggar costume seems very attractive to reflect this Victorian dress kids in low class style.

Victorian Dress Kids Ideas

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