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Smart Mini Dress Ideas to Wear as Office Code

To appear professional anytime and anywhere is crucial for everybody especially when she or he has been considered as a smart and talented person at office. It means being selective in choosing appropriate office dresses is also important to ensure this professionalism. Therefore, we have to be careful in picking a dress to support our professional image. Smart mini dress seems interesting to wear as office apparel. In this case, we also have to understand the pros and cons in dressing at office. Ideally, wearing a dress that will not distract concentration at the office is essential. Since this mini dress is quite provocative to wear at the office, we are going to give you some tips to wear it professionally. Let’s check it out.

Smart Mini Dress 2013

Smart mini dress a la Victorian must be so elegant and fashionable to wear as your office apparel. This is a mini dress with full of lace attached on the entire part of it. As a formal dress, white and black composition will not attract much attention from your colleagues. Thus, wearing this smart mini outfit will not be dangerous for your career. At the first sight, we see this black and white mini dress; we will see a white mini lace dress which is covered by black sweater. This mini dress has midi sleeve cut with trumpet sleeve end cut to adore. The mini skirt appears in A-line style with gorgeous French lace decorating the edge. Ruffle touch is found on the front area of your chest. This concept looks very old fashioned and chic as well as the Victorian era dress. A big white flower corsage attached right under your chin looks fabulous as an accessory.

Smart Mini Dress Designs

Smart Mini Dress Ideas

The next smart mini dress comes as a white mini shirt dress. Basically, this dress is designed as a sleeveless mini dress with no embellishment and detail on it. In the other words, this smart dress is modest to wear as your office apparel. We can add a black cardigan with midi sleeve length covering this white shirt dress. And then we only have to make this outfit elegant by wearing black pendant necklace, some silver bracelets and big earrings as jewelries. Don’t forget to carry a black leather clutch to store any important items like ID card, money and compact powder and lipstick.

 Smart Mini Dress Images

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