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Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Bride, Groom and Guests

When we are speaking of smart casual fashion style, usually we will directly concern on some dressing options for office wear or hangout apparel. In fact, smart casual dress code is also incorporated for wedding. The concept of smart casual dress wedding is available for everybody in wedding such as bride, groom and guests. And we have to know the typical trait of this dress code. Well, at least we have to know the basic concept when someday your friend will invite you to his or her bridal with the same dress code. Let’s start this discussion from the bride’s dress firstly.

Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Couple

The smart casual dress wedding for the bride is actually not different from bridal wedding in rustic, simple, country or vintage wedding style. Generally, the smart casual dress combines two important dress styles at once. They are formal and casual styles. Well, actually everybody can imagine it after revealing the basic concept of the smart casual wedding gown. Based on some photos of wedding in this post, we can see some models of the smart casual gowns. One of the brides only wears such a simple strapless long gown with tiered ruffles on the whole parts of the skirt. This ivory long dress involves little darker accent on the ruffled details. This dark accent is functional to give stunning texture on this smart casual dress. Another bride’s dress comes romantically in satin. This sleeveless low V-neckline dress is cutely designed with long tail. Nevertheless, this long tail dress is comfortable to wear on dirt because the bride can lift her dress tail up with her pinkie.

Smart Casual Dress Wedding for Guest

Smart Casual Dress Wedding Ideas

For the groom, a set of white dress shirt with long sleeves cut, a pair of grey trousers, a red necktie and white and black sneakers can be a gorgeous idea of smart casual dress wedding style. Of course he can stay cool by wearing black sunglasses as additional accessory. If you want to appear more formally, wearing a smart suit set with a dress shirt, grey trousers, a grey vest, a brown necktie and a grey hat can be so luxurious. For chic guests, there are so many semi formal dresses to wear during this smart casual wedding moment. Thus, practice your mix and match fashion skill at home then.

Smart Casual Dress Wedding Samples

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