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Short Dress with Tail Concept and the Samples

The latest fashion trend offers numerous creative concepts for modern short dresses. And short dress with tail is one of the creative concept results. Just like usual short dress, the short dress with chapel train is normally designed in short dress cut. The difference of this shorter dress with tail concept is located on the back side of the short skirt. Yeah, long skirt length cut is displayed on the back side of the dress. Basically, the shape of this dress with tail is quite similar with Hilo dress, but the longer skirt doesn’t cover both right and left sides of the dress like ideal Hilo dress. It seems like as if you are wearing a long Superman coat on your neck after the short dress. Well, it must look like that.

Short Dress with Tail Designs

Fortunately, the application of long tail on the short dress with tail is not as awkward as you have expected. Lately, the tail is installed on the short dresses in such a way so that the dress looks fabulous. Are you so curious about it? Well, let’s see some images uploaded with this article as samples. As you can see, the first short dress has a fabulous chapel train on the back. It is what we mean as a high low dress. The tail is applied on the dress naturally as if the long tail is an imperative part of the short dress. Let’s see the second and other next images. The second short dress has gorgeous long tail concept. It is because the tail is not installed as ideally on the back side of the dress. You can see that the long tail appears covering the left side of a woman’s leg. This tail concept is usually called as asymmetric tail. The third short gown applies different tail concept.

Short Dress with Tail for Bride

Short Dress with Tail for Women

This glossy blue short dress with tail involves drapery accent on the back side of the long tail. The long tail flows dramatically from the woman’s back to the floor. It looks very pretty, doesn’t it? The last sample of the short dress with brush train showed in the fourth picture is the simplest one to describe. A point which makes the white short dress elegant is its tiered details applied horizontally along the dress and tail. The A-line dress cut makes this short gown modest yet elegant at the same time.

Short Dress with Tail Patterns

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