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Retro Vintage Swimsuit for Special Summer Beach Style

Retro is within 1940’s – 1980’s. In this period of time, conservative fashion style is still available. Although most women have worn mini dress, classic fashion style is still displayed well in this period. It means with that modern development, the fashion style is still designed in conservative detail to keep the politeness among the society. Well, retro fashion style brings several models of dress which become a typical symbol of retro style in some years later. And tea-length dress is the most famous dress in retro style. Besides the dresses, retro vintage swimsuit also offers classic model to distinguish it from other old fashioned clothing models.

Retro Vintage Swimsuit Collection

In this modern era, bikini becomes quite popular among the society. It is worn by every generation of people including kids, teenagers, adult women and even elder. Well, of course self confidence is imperative to stay stylish in the bikini since it may show much of your body parts clearly. Unlike this modern bikini, within 1940’s – 1980’s most women prefer to cover their body well though they are in swimsuit. And in this case, the retro vintage swimsuit supports this tradition. In general, retro swimsuit comes in one piece swimsuit style. It is sleeveless with mini tight pant to cover at least two inches of your thigh. Thin and thick straps are very popular applied on this vintage swimwear. Both strap ideas are used to complete the one piece swimsuit model such as in halter and tank top cut. Sometimes, you may be sexier in strapless neckline cut. It is up to you who want to appear stunning in your own style.

Retro Vintage Swimsuit Ideas

Retro Vintage Swimsuit for Women

Well, besides its style or model, the retro vintage swimsuit is also very outstanding because of its pattern or motif. Polka dot is one of popular vintage swimsuit motifs. This classic pattern is usually combined with vibrant color scheme to energize it. Yellow, red, blue, green and even orange are usually used as white or black polka dot background. Unlike modern swimsuit which comes in light color scheme and floral and artistic motifs, the retro swimsuit is commonly identical with pale color scheme.

Retro Vintage Swimsuit 2013

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