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Purple Long Short Dresses for Prom

Every prom night party should be a special moment at your young age. In this graduation night party, everyone will appear differently in the best outfit they can find. And usually, the prom dresses are decided according to a specific theme. In general, many women prefer to wear gorgeous dress with sparkling detail covering the entire surface of it. On the other hand, women would love to choose a dress with very bright color tone. Purple long short dresses seem to be a good option for this party. The purple dress is available in short, long and both of them at once. And this length cut combination is well known as high low dress cut.

Purple Long Short Dresses 2013

The purple long short dresses are certainly very adorable with the high low dress concept. Well, this Hilo dress cut is uncommon. Basically, the dress is designed as short dress with longer skirt cut on the back. The short dress on the front side looks as usual. And some Hilo dress designers prefer to add some innovations to make the short long dress fashionable. One of the purple dresses in Hilo concept involves stylish metallic ornament on the waist. This metallic ornament is very eye catching in the purple tone. Sweetheart strapless neckline adds more elegance on this Hilo prom dress. There is no strap wrapping over your shoulders here, but this simple concept even gives greater effect on this strapless purple gown. The purple dress is not only available in Hilo dress cut. This purple gown comes in several other dress cuts including very short fairy prom dress cut.

Purple Long Short Dresses Hilo

Purple Long Short Dresses Ideas

Well, as usual, this short dress comes in gorgeous purple and pink tone. In this case, the purple long short dresses for prom become more formal than this very short dress. Strapless sweetheart neckline is still elegant to match this cute fairy dress. And to make this cute fairy short dress prettier, glossy material is selected to cover the upper part of the dress. Another short purple dress incorporates one shoulder cut. This deep purple dress involves silver embroidery as the elegant purple dress for prom ornament.

Purple Long Short Dresses Short

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