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Peacock Fancy Dress Ideas for Costume Party

Do you know peacock bird? Well, it is a bird which can not fly as well as normal bird. This bird has bigger body with very beautiful feather covering its body. Longer feather with unique pattern is visible on its tail. Generally, the peacock feather is usually utilized in fashion. It is very popular with its beautiful green and blue feather with devil eye on it. Historically, peacock feather has a specific meaning related to glory, elegance and wealth. No wonder that any thing made with peacock feather as ornament looks very expensive and luxurious. Today, we can make our own peacock fancy dress ideas for costume party. Actually, how to make this elegant dress is very easy since we know some aspects to apply on it.

Peacock Fancy Dress Ideas for Girls

Several peacock fancy dress ideas displayed in this post are available to imitate. Every dress with peacock feather ornament is creative. An essential aspect to pay attention here is how to combine and match the color between the peacock feather and the dress as its background. One of the pictures shows us a stylish costume party dress with additional peacock sheet to emphasize the peacock concept. Basically, a woman in the picture only wears a simple under-knee-length blue dress. This sleeveless dress involves classic tank top straps with V- neckline. To add the peacock feather accent on this simple short dress, a sheet of peacock feather patterned apron is worn in such a way to cover woman’s bottom. This apron is worn by tying up both apron strap points as like a belt surrounding the waist.

Peacock Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

Peacock Fancy Dress Ideas for Ladies

The next peacock fancy dress ideas incorporate Gothic and Emo style. To emphasize the Gothic scent, a short dress is made of black satin. Some synthetic peacock feathers are utilized to decorate the neckline and skirt part of the dress. In appropriate method, the peacock feathers in green and blue tone are arranged to cover almost the entire surface of the short dress. To match the dark satin tone, some black bird feathers are added to give such unique detail on the neckline edge. And finally, you only have to complete this costume party dress with adorable makeup and hairstyle.

Peacock Fancy Dress Ideas Pictures

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