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Prom Dress Blue Collection with Sequins

Ideally, most prom dresses are purposely designed in very stylish concept in order to a woman who is wearing it looks so eye catching during the party. Therefore, numerous prom dresses involve various kinds of sparkling embellishment to support that theory. Prom dress blue with sequins is one of those prom dresses with sparkling embellishment. In general, most dresses for prom apply the sparkling silver sequins on the entire part of the dress. Lately, the blue prom dresses appear in several sequins style option to pick. Let’s choose them wisely below.

Prom Dress Blue and Black

The prom dress blue with sequins is commonly often found at any prom party. At least one or two women must be captured wearing baby blue, navy or other blue tone level colored dress. Some women wear a blue prom dress with glitter or sequins embellished on the dress. Some others wear a dress with stunning bright embroidery or textured detail to decorate the blue dress. Based on general survey at prom, the dress with sequins one seems more famous than the embroidered one. However, sequins or glitter is effective to make someone’s appearance more eye-catching. It is because in a dim light, the sequins can be so glowing and sparkling especially when the wearer is dancing under the dancing globe. It looks so wonderful to know this fact. That’s why we only focus in introducing several models of prom dress in blue for your prom night inspiration.

Prom Dress Blue and Purple

Prom Dress Blue Long

The application of the sparkling sequins is different from one to another. Generally, the prom dress blue is available in numerous models with sequins attached around the waist. On the other side, the same sequins are also attached only along the neckline edge. One of the blue prom dresses shown in the picture has one shoulder strap with silver sequins attached on it. This navy blue dress is quite ordinary with that one shoulder strap and sequins. There is no more embellishment or detail applied on this straight blue dress. Yet, it looks very elegant especially for adult woman. If you prefer to wear something young and fresh, we have a baby blue short dress with blue and white color gradation on the sequins. The sequins are installed around the waist with lighter sequins tone on the upper dress area, while the bolder sequins tone on the lower area of dress.

Prom Dress Blue Short

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