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Navy Blue Dress on Red Carpet

Walking along red carpet in a prestigious event is something wonderful that everybody might dream for. And everyone has the same right as celebrity in walking on their own red carpet. Well, let’s consider your life as a big red carpet for you. It means we have to appear perfectly and professional anytime and anywhere. Of course we have to appear professionally in our best dress as well as all celebrities who are chosen to walk along the real red carpet. Navy blue dress seems a good dress idea to wear for your own red carpet.

Navy Blue Dress Accessory

As an elegant dress, the navy blue dress offers bold blue color tone to relax your feeling. Additionally, the navy dress is available in formal and casual version depending on your red carpet theme. If you want to look luxurious in formal fashion style, a tight navy dress with long zipper on the back is a good option. You may appear as beautiful as Kim Kardashian in this navy dress. For luxurious look, the tight dress comes with short sleeves and knee-length dress cut idea. High neck should be so polite to support your formal appearance. However, this navy blue tight dress is compatible for your formal or even business fashion style. Another above-knee-length navy dress comes elegantly with lace. This lace dress is intentionally designed with full lace texture on the entire surface of dress. There is no bead or hardware for the embellishment. Yet, overall, the navy blue gown with lace looks adorable in its long lace sleeves cut.

Navy Blue Dress Outfit

Navy Blue Dress Shirt

A-line navy blue dress can be your casual dress style for the red carpet. This dress appears as short A-line dress with long Jennie sleeves style. Stylish cream embroidery is attached under the scoop neckline of the dress and wrist sleeves area. Basically, the combination of this light soft and dark blue tone looks very stunning on the navy blue casual dress. If this flared short navy blue gown is not enough yet, some patterns applied on your blue dress will be effective to beautify your appearance on red carpet. Horizontal linen stripes motifs can be very elegant on your navy blue tight dress. Furthermore, the linen stripes don’t have to be always in horizontal line, it can appear fashionably in asymmetrical line.

Navy Blue Dress Shoes

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