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Long Dress Country Style a La Kate Middleton

Do you still remember Kate Middleton and Prince William royal bridal? Well, everyone who watched the bridal procession directly or indirectly would know about what Kate Middleton was wearing during the royal wedding. Yeah, she wore a vintage bridal dress designed by Alexandra McQueen. The royal dress is simpler than her late Lady Diana indeed. But this vintage dress style perfectly fit Kate Middleton. Now, this Duchess of Cambridge comes in her long dress country style in front of public. This country style gown turns into a famous trendsetter then. Therefore, we want to let you all see several country long dresses collection worn by Kate Middleton in some events. And if you are attracted to imitate her elegant country fashion style, we also give several samples of long dress to choose showed by several pictures below.

Long Dress Country Style 2013

One of Kate Middleton long dress country style is worn in certain prestigious event with her handsome husband, Prince William. As a Duchess, Kate appears irresistibly in her black lace long country dress. This dress is purposely designed to cover almost the entire parts of her body. No wonder that this long lace dress has long sleeves and floor-length dress cut. As like her wedding dress, this black long country dress involves romantic V-neckline style. On the other hand, the entire part of this black lace dress is transparent with only stylish lace pattern hiding Kate’s body sketch. Smartly, a kind of internal dress in ivory tone is made and worn under this black lace country gown. This internal ivory dress is simple with thin spaghetti straps to hold all of height on Kate Middleton’s shoulders.

Long Dress Country Style Australia

Long Dress Country Style Images

Well, if you are interested in imitating the Duchess of Cambridge formal fashion style in her long dress country style, the method is very easy. Wearing chiffon long dress can bring much country style atmosphere on your appearance. The dress must be in loose concept of course. And try to choose such dark or bold color to cover the country long dress such as maroon, navy, bold turquoise or black. You may also select some calmer toned dresses in ivory, mint green and white gold.

Long Dress Country Style UK

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