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Hip Edgy Hair Colors Concepts

Hip edgy hair colors are perfect choice to improve your appearance. Unlike usual hairstyle with highlight and lowlight, the hip edgy hairstyle is very cheerful and bright. The word “hip” on the hip edgy hair means light. The “edgy” itself means assorted hair dye. In the other words, the edgy hair typically has more than two colors composition. That’s why this hairstyle is very cheerful. This kind of hair with highlight is suitable with teenagers or young women. Hey, the hip edgy hair with highlight is not only for women, but it is also for men. Thus, what are you waiting for then?

Hip Edgy Hair Colors 2013

Basically, the hip edgy hair colors application is similar with dark hair with blonde highlight. The highlight can cover the natural hair completely. Or we can apply the light highlight slightly and randomly in the natural hair. The way of how to install the hip edgy hairstyle is simple. Just try to apply the base hair dye as usual. Let’s take blonde hair as a sample. For instance, we involve natural black or brown colored hair as media. To beautify this natural hair, the brown or black hair is combined with the blonde highlight. The first picture attached in this post is very simple. According to the picture, the blonde hair color is applied completely to block the dark hair color. The next picture gives us a clear sample that the blonde highlight can be applied in dark purple colored hair. At this rate, the blonde color is applied slightly among the purple hair.

Hip Edgy Hair Colors Ideas

Hip Edgy Hair Colors Images

If your natural hair color is blonde, we can choose lighter hip edgy hair colors to highlight the blonde hair. Choose white blonde highlight to emphasize the texture of your bright blonde hair. Yet, your hip edgy hairstyle will look even better with dark and light tone combination. We can see the dark and light tone composition in the last picture uploaded with this article. More samples and innovations are able to find in internet. And we are so glad if you want to search and try newer color combination of the hip edgy highlight.

Hip Edgy Hair Colors Options

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