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Greek Prom Dresses Concept Ideas

Greek prom dresses are able to be great choice to boost your beauty. Greek or Grecian dresses come with its traditional concept. Of course this traditional concept of dress will be perfectly different from usual dresses. Therefore, wearing the Greek prom gown will make you appearing in different way from your friends at the prom party. The reason is very simple. It is because the Grecian prom dress definitely has very different concept of the design. Thus, it will look different from usual gowns you commonly see at a formal party. Let’s see the characteristic of the Greek prom gown below for better imagination.

Greek Prom Dresses 2013

Most Greek prom dresses come in A-line skirt concept with strapless or sleeveless cut. The dress is usually in white or other calm colors such as pink, ivory, pale yellow and turquoise. The color selection depends on your personality and feeling. It may be the easiest aspect which can be chosen later. Fit waist is another typical characteristic of the Grecian prom dress. One thing that you have to know about the Greek dress is its waist line. All Greek dresses always have a special belt detail surrounding the dress waist. The belt typically appears as embroidery detail. The pattern of embroidered belt may be different from one to another. Round and hexagon are two popular patterns which are commonly displayed on the Greek dress. These usual patterns are usually covered in bronze or gold accent to contrast the white dress.

Greek Prom Dresses Ideas

Greek Prom Dresses Designs

Besides the embroidered belt, the Greek prom dresses are identical with unique knotted straps. The strap is typically designed to wrap over your shoulders in various cut ideas. One of the Grecian dresses applies one shoulder strap which brings the white fabric from the front and back side up. These white fabric parts are connected by gold knotted strap. Another dress comes with common tank top straps style. To give more Greek accent on them, bronze and gold embroidery is applied as well as the waist belt. Sexy concept is very easy to apply with the Greek dress model. A picture in this article shows us a sample of the sexy Green dress for prom. It is designed as mermaid gown with low open back cut to display much of your fair skin.

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