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Gothic Short Prom Dresses with Futuristic Touch

Gothic fashion style is typically identical with something scary and mysterious since it involves too much dark scheme to dominate it. Well, dresses with Gothic style are certainly available in numerous models. Generally, they may come in vintage and modern model. Today, Gothic short prom dresses can be a nice choice to attract much attention among people around you during the prom party. It seems to be a good time to start leaving some bright dresses with glamor embellishment and then replace it by wearing the Gothic prom gown with much futuristic touch.

Gothic Short Prom Dresses Ideas

Well, in basic shape, the Gothic dress incorporates Victorian and Edwardian dress concept. We can see the characteristic of this Victorian dress style through its classic ball gown cut. The A-line dress cut on the classic Victorian Gothic dress also involves corset detail to complete its design. Typically, the corset detail appears as corset closure touch located on the back side of the dress waist. To make it more eye catching among the black dress, the corset closure usually appears in two colors accent such as black and red or black and white. It depends on the dress scheme ideas. The Gothic short prom dresses with futuristic touch still apply the A-line dress cut yet in shorter length. The application of corset closure touch is a must especially to emphasize the classic sense of the Gothic origin toward the Victorian dress style.

Gothic Short Prom Dresses Pictures

Gothic Short Prom Dresses Samples

Recently, the Gothic short prom dresses involve simpler yet modern sleeve cut. The dress sleeves don’t appear in long trumpet cut anymore. Nowadays, the modern Gothic dress appears in shorter sleeve cut and even in strapless neckline with sweetheart curves to adore. Sometimes, the dress doesn’t incorporate the dark scheme only to cover the whole parts of the gown. Stylish dark floral pattern looks very incredible applied on certain parts of the gown including chest, waist and back. Dark color combination on the Gothic short dress for prom also can be an innovative alteration to consider. In this case, we combine navy blue and dark grey to create such a beautiful and romantic Gothic prom gown.

Gothic Short Prom Dresses Styles

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