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Cocktail Dresses plus Size Version for Sexy Maxi Ladies

Cocktail hour is usually thrown in the middle part of certain party such as wedding or evening party. This cocktail hour actually has a role to closer the hot of party to the guests. It is because we usually meet and chat with others during this cocktail hour. Of course the costume we wear is similar with the main party costume. It doesn’t mean we have to change our dress anytime the cocktail hour coming. Since it is a kind of semi formal moment, the costume of the cocktail hour typically follows the main party. For sexy maxi women, cocktail dresses plus size is the best option to wear.

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However, the cocktail dresses plus size are intentionally designed to perfect fit your maxi body shape. Yeah, it is true that the dress may come in numerous models. And it is your turn to choose the best dress model for you. Ensure to select the dress model based on your shape. However, every woman even in maxi shape has different body type. Some of them have full apple body shape. Some others have upside down triangle shape. Some others have big bottom or wide shoulders. That’s why we should be careful in selecting the best cocktail dress model for our plus size shape. Let’s see some samples of the cocktail dress here. The first picture shows us an elegant black short cocktail dress for women with big bottom. This dress has fit waist and span skirt cut with long lace sleeves. V-neckline cut gives your plus size shape slimmer. On the other hand, this black dress is purposely made to emphasize your big hourglass body type.

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If you have big belly, we suggest you to pick straight cocktail dresses plus size to hide your big belly. A dress with empire waist is the best choice. Try to choose midi empire dress with cap sleeves style. According to the picture, the plus size cocktail dress combines dark red and black material elegantly with lace details on it. If you feel embarrassed with your big bottom, A-line midi cocktail dress is also effective to give smaller effect on your maxi shape.

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