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Promise Rings for him and her in Matching Set

Promise Rings for Him and Her UK

Many ideas of matching ring set are very attractive to choose. Promise rings for him and her may be a great choice to express your deep love though both of you are only going steady. In general, the promise rings are specifically designed to be a couple rings set. No wonder that both rings have similar design concept to adore. ... Read More »

Solitaire Engagement Rings on Hand in Simpler Feature

Solitaire Engagement Rings on Hand 2013

Besides its abstract patterned carving detail and double band concept, the solitaire engagement rings on hand are popular with its Rose cut ornament stone cut. This ornament stone cut is very bright and gorgeous especially if we stare it closely. Well, the detail of Rose stone cut is certainly able to see from any point of view if we see ... Read More »

Diamond Camouflage Wedding Rings in Matching Set Ideas

Diamond Camouflage Wedding Rings Ideas

Everybody has different opinion in choosing their wedding ring set. Some people prefer to order an exclusive set of rings from famous ring designer. At the same time, they think that more money is equal with their special meaningful rings set which will be worn forever. Some people think that wedding doesn’t force us to waste money only for simple ... Read More »

Etsy Engagement Rings Collection in Vintage Concept

Etsy Engagement Rings 2013

Spring is typically identical with blooming flowers and warm sunlight. At the time like this, it is better to have an outdoor engagement party for a romantic couple. And this spring engagement moment should be supported by wearing one of Etsy engagement rings collection in vintage concept. Vintage ring concept seems prettier than modern or contemporary ring style for spring ... Read More »

Engagement Rings for Women Jared with Full Diamond Accent

Engagement Rings for Women Jared 2013

Becoming a luxurious lady is actually very easy since we have an imperative item to make it true. Well, engagement rings for women Jared with full diamond accent are that important item to have if you want to look extravagant. Jared engagement rings collection in 2013 appears in timeless concept. And this timeless concept is perfectly supported by diamond as ... Read More »

Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings for Perfectionist Lady

Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings Cheap

Diamond is too usual for ring embellishment. Many people wear diamond ring as their love symbol or just for simple jewelry in certain occasional fashion style. As a perfectionist, you must want everything running perfectly as you wish especially the selection of a ring for engagement. We know that ideally your man who should find it for you. But it ... Read More »

Two Plain Wedding Rings with Solitaire Innovative Ideas

Two Plain Wedding Rings with Solitaire 2013

Two plain wedding rings with solitaire may be an amazing couple ring set to choose. Well, purchasing a couple ring set seems more economic than buying the groom’s and bride’s ring separately. The couple ring set has been intentionally designed with equal concept so that we don’t have to think about a right ring style while browsing the rings at ... Read More »

Etsy Art Deco Engagement Ring for Gothic Theme

Etsy Art Deco Engagement Ring Design

Etsy is well-known as ring provider which always sells many exclusive rings in different elegant designs to choose. Etsy Art Deco engagement ring is one of those exclusive rings collections. The best concept which comes with this engagement ring from Etsy is the Art Deco style. As like solitaire, Art Deco is a kind of carving detail which is commonly ... Read More »

Ring Design for Male in his Classy Fashion Look

Ring Design for Male 2013

Wearing a ring is not always in special moment like wedding or engagement. Ring is a kind of jewelry which is commonly worn to make our fashion style more stunning. As like other jewelry kinds such as necklace and bracelet, ring comes in various design styles. Many ideas of detail and ornament are commonly considered to make the ring glorious ... Read More »

Real Pink Diamonds as Ring Embellishment

Real Pink Diamonds Band

Diamond is one of popular precious stone which is commonly used for many necessities including embellishment on jewelry collection. Ring is one of stylish jewelry which usually utilize diamond as its ornament or topping. The diamond itself has various kinds depending on the color scheme such as blue, black and pink diamond. Nowadays, the application of black, blue and real ... Read More »