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Bright Toe Nail Designs Tutorial Tips

Nail is a nice media where we can apply beautiful art on. At least every human being has ten hand nails and ten toe nails to decorate with bright nail art design. Don’t even think that applying nail art is something difficult to do. This modern day offers so much easiness in doing almost everything through internet. We only have to access the internet with a modem and laptop to gather much information about the nail art design tutorial. This time, we are going to discuss some tutorial tips of how to make bright toe nail designs. Well, this easy fashion project can be done at home indeed.

Bright Toe Nail Designs Blue

The bright toe nail designs tutorial involves your hand and toe nails to decorate. Several items and materials should be prepared including clean warm water, some nail polishes with colors as desire, glitter nail polish, some beads or rhinestones, toothpick, small or tiny nail brush, nail polish remover and cotton. On the other side, there are several ideas of bright toe nail art designs. You should select them gently to match your current feeling or fashion style. If you prefer to appear with the same nail art for long period of time, ensure to choose neutral nail color which is able to match with any fashion style. Simple nail art can be selected for you who are quite active everyday. What you have to do is cleaning your natural nail surface with warm water. Or try to clean your old nail art using polish remover first before cleaning it with the warm water. Dry it up using dry cotton or tissue and then pick one colored nail polish to apply on the nails.

Bright Toe Nail Designs Ideas

Bright Toe Nail Designs Polka Dot

This simple step is done actually. But if you want something more attractive with the bright toe nail designs, we can add another colored nail polish for the pattern. For instance, we can add white nail polish on your deep blue base nail polish. And then use toothpick or small brush to create a small flower on each toe nail. Let the nails dry, and then apply top coat or transparent nail polish for finishing.

Bright Toe Nail Designs Red

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