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Ballerina Dresses for Women at Prom

After talking much about cocktail and clubbing dress, let’s speak of ballerina dresses for women at prom. In fact, not all prom dresses have longer dress cut. Ballerina dress proves that is a kind of wrong statement. Even a straight teenager can look so provocative in her mini prom dress. And of course it is including you. Thinking about ballerina dress must allow you to think about tutu dress. It is a kind of short dress which is typically worn in ballet show. Every ballerina must wear this kind of dress to ease their move while beautifying their movement. Nowadays, the tutu ballerina dress has been modified in order to common people can wear it though they can not do the ballet dance.

Ballerina Dresses for Women 2013

Generally, the new modified ballerina dresses for women at prom don’t involve the classic tutu skirt concept. The skirt design of the ballerina dress is just similar like usual short dress for prom. Yet, this time, the flared short skirt is made in higher and wider flared skirt concept. The usage of tulle is still crucial in designing the ballerina dress. It is because the only one fabric which can create a very high and wide flared skirt is tulle or soft net. No wonder that most ballerina dress always incorporate this special material. The model of the prom ballerina gown is just simple. It consists of fit strapless waist line and flared A-line skirt. Some sequins are attached on both parts as ornament. Sometimes, lace and embroidery are applied to decorate the dress. Or those details just intentionally add more color accent on the dress shape.

Ballerina Dresses for Women Chiffon

Ballerina Dresses for Women Innovation

Corset style dress is another sweet alternative model which is applied on the ballerina dresses for women. Besides a beautiful corset detail, ruffle and tiered skirt becomes such a special touch on the ballerina dress. This time, the dress skirt is specifically made differently from usual. This black and blush brown ballerina short dress basically has straight dress cut from the upper to the bottom part of the dress. There is no much ornament or detail applied on the dress. There are only sweetheart curves on the black upper dress and brown ruffled fit skirt to adore.

 Ballerina Dresses for Women Models

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