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Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses in Romantic Concept

Vera Wang pink wedding dresses currently come in romantic concept. Who don’t know Vera Wang? She is a popular wedding gown designer. Until now, she has designed so many dresses collection for wedding in many styles and concepts. Of course as a famous and exclusive wedding dress designer, Vera Wang will ask you to spend much money for her dress. Therefore, it is only famous and rich people who can purchase Vera Wang wedding gown. Well, that statement is certainly true, yet common people are actually still ale to buy dresses by Vera Wang since the model is simpler than the couture one.

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses 2013

To cover your romantic wedding theme, Vera Wang comes to introduce her new wedding gown collection named Vera Wang pink wedding dresses. Unlike other romantic wedding gowns, Vera Wang purposely chooses pink tone to dominate the dresses. In addition, the pink wedding dress is not just designed modestly as ordinary as your night gown. Somehow, Vera Wang is always able to add something new on her dresses fabulously. Many samples are even found in internet. And here we are also giving you some photos of the Vera Wang wedding gowns in pink concept. Let’s see them directly for better explanation. The first Vera Wang pink dress shown in the first picture is the most general gown chosen by young brides-to-be. This pinkish blush dress comes in A-line dress cut with sweetheart strapless neckline. Soft tulle is utilized to cover the entire part of the dress skirt. On the other side, the strapless top brings back the essential concept of corset.

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses Designs

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses Ideas

It is not just Rose that has unique petals texture. Lately, Vera Wang successfully creates the same effect of Rose wavy petals on Vera Wang pink wedding dresses model. Sweetheart strapless concept still dominates this romantic bridal gown style. Yet, with this unique flower petals texture on the skirt, this pink wedding gown looks more incredible and romantic. Ruffle details also participate to beautify the pink wedding gown by Vera Wang. And we can see this ruffle detail is adorably applied on a mermaid dress model shown in the third picture at this post.

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses Pattern

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