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Vera Wang Lace Dress New Bridal Inspiration in 2013

Speaking of the latest bridal dress model in 2013, Vera Wang seems successfully design numerous new bridal dresses for your own wedding gown inspiration. This time, Vera Wang lace dress becomes the main idea of her 2013 dress collection. Unlike usual dresses for bridal made by Vera Wang in the previous years, currently Vera Wang utilizes lace efficiently on her dresses. It means the lace is only applied on certain part of the gown with authentic measurement. Thus, we can see that the application of lace is done gently on each dress model designed by Vera Wang.

Vera Wang Lace Dress Ideas

Some samples of Vera Wang lace dress collection are displayed in photos here. Every photo shows us two different lace dress models by Vera Wang. As we can see, there are two attractive dress models with big bows attached on the dress waist as ornament. One of those dresses is designed in mermaid dress cut. It is covered by silver grey tone to bring much futuristic nuance onto your appearance in this 2013 era. Although there is no much lace accent applied on this grey dress, this mermaid dress for bridal is still able to attract many women attention to wear it. A big grey bow is attached on the front side of the dress waist in vertical position. Perhaps, this big bow is an item that makes the dress interesting. Another dress with a big bow comes in ivory white. This gown involves ball gown dress cut with fit waist line. This strapless gown looks adorable with a big bow which is attached asymmetrically on the front of the waist. This ornament is definitely simple, yet it brings beauty on every bride’s appearance.

Vera Wang Lace Dress with Veil

Vera Wang Lace Dress with Sleeves

In 2013, many varieties of Vera Wang lace dress collection are attractive to consider. If you prefer to wear a dress with much lace accent, there are some models to inspire you displayed in the photos. Mostly, Vera Wang purposely applies the lace only on the dress skirt area such as chapel train or edge of skirt. In this case, the texture of lace becomes the focal point of the dress. And it is very important to know about.

Vera Wang Lace Dress Images

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